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Fairfield Inn & Suites, Schaumburg

Schaumburg Health Summit

One Day, Eight Expert Keynote Presenters, A Healthier You

Proposed Speaker Lineup*

*Speaker Lineup Subject To Change.


What is the Schaumburg Health Summit?

The health and wellness fields are constantly evolving. There is new information coming out every week about what you should be eating, how you should be exercising, and what items to remove from your household in order to lose weight, get fit, and live longer than was previously thought possible. With so much information bombarding you on a regular basis, how are you supposed to know what to actually do to promote your health, wellness, and fitness?  

The Schaumburg Health Summit, developed and presented by Julie and Charlie Cates of Muscle Activation Schaumburg, is a one-day summit where local health and wellness professionals will be cutting through the nonsense and presenting on the facts. What new technologies are available for improving your health? What is the truth behind the latest diet crazes? What do you actually need to be doing for exercise?  

The Schaumburg Health Summit was created for the purpose of educating the residents of Schaumburg and the surrounding communities on ways to improve and maintain their health. They have assembled a rockstar speaker lineup comprised of local health, wellness, and fitness professionals who will be shedding light on important topics that apply directly to you.

The Proposed 2020 Schaumburg Health Summit Schedule 

  • 8:30 AM: Sponsor Tables Check In & Set Up
  • 9:00-9:30 AM: Doors Open, Refreshments, Networking, Explore Sponsor Tables & Activities
  • 9:30-9:40 AM: Welcome Address From The Hosts
  • 9:40-10:40 AM: Speakers #1-4
  • 10:40-11:20 AM: BREAK, Explore Sponsor Tables & Activities, Refreshments
  • 11:20 AM-12:20 PM: Speakers #5-8
  • 12:20-1:00 PM: Closing Remarks, Explore Sponsor Tables & Activities

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Early Bird VIP

Available Until 12:00 AM on Monday, November 25, 2019!


  • 8 Keynote Presentations**
  • Discounts and Deals from Sponsors and Presenters
  • Networking with All Attendees, Sponsors, and Presenters
  • Heavy Snacks Provided

*Plus Eventbrite Fees

**Speaker lineup subject to change


Available November 25, 2019 through December 31, 2020!


  • 8 Keynote Presentations**
  • Discounts and Deals from Sponsors and Presenters
  • Networking with All Attendees, Sponsors, and Presenters
  • Heavy Snacks Provided

*Plus Eventbrite Fees

**Speaker lineup subject to change

Think You Could Be A Presenter?

Are You A:


Medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, psychiatrists - we'd love to hear from you!


Nutritionists, wellness coaches, psychologists, physical therapists - give us a shout!


Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, CrossFit™ coaches - let us know if you are interested!


Massage therapists, energy workers, Reiki practitioners, accupuncturists - apply to present!


Do you have a health-related topic that is different than the status quo? We want to hear from you!  

We are looking to find speakers that can present on a health-related topic to an audience of community members, most of which will be from non-medical or health fields. In other words, it is a MUST that the lay population can understand your content.  

Requirements for speaking (if accepted):

  • Must be present for the entire summit
  • Must submit a full version of your talk via video by Friday, February 14, 2020 at 8:00 AM CST
  • 5-15 minute talk (ABSOLUTE MAX)
  • Going "deep" on one single topic, not "wide" on many

*Ideas that are either less likely to be accepted or not accepted at all:

  • Excessively vague or generalized
  • Pseudoscience
  • Personal belief systems lacking research
  • Purely-motivational
  • Uncredentialed coaching
  • Excessively-discussed or already ubiquitous
  • Solely about overcoming adversity or obstacles
  • “I did it, and so can you.”
  • Corporate, political, or religious agendas

*These are directly from TEDx.com and we think they are great guidelines for our speakers, too.


About The Hosts

Charlie and Julie Cates are certified Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) Specialists and Certified Personal Trainers. They own a private MAT® and Personal Training Studio called Muscle Activation Schaumburg located in Schaumburg, IL.  

Charlie and Julie have dedicated their practice to helping clients maximize their body’s health, function, and ability to participate in enjoyable activities for the long term. Charlie and Julie generally work with individuals 35 years old and over, but also serve as consultants to many professional athletes and local celebrities.  

They are hosts of an active weekly podcast called “Exercise is Health” where they feature discussions about exercising for health and function, Muscle Activation Techniques®, and interviews with local health and medical experts.  

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with everything that is happening at Muscle Activation Schaumburg!

Want To Sponsor?


As a sponsor, you will receive the following opportunities:

  • 2 tickets to the Schaumburg Health Summit
  • Logo and company name displayed on Schaumburg Health Summit website
  • A table for your company to set up information about your services (pamphlets, brochures, etc.) and giveaway items (all provided by you)
  • Your company's standing banner (provided by you) placed by your table
  • Two different opportunities for you and your company to be introduced
  • One 1/2-page ad in the 2020 Schaumburg Health Summit booklet
  • Coupons/gift cards from your company entered into each attendee's swag bag
  • Two "Official Sponsor" name badges to help identify you as one of the sponsors when networking with attendees
  • First opportunity to sponsor the 2021 Schaumburg Health Summit



*Due to space limitations, not all applicants will be able to sponsor. Sponsorships are not granted on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather on a best-fit basis as determined by the Schaumburg Health Summit organizing committee. The committee reserves the right to deny sponsorship based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the goods and/or services offered by the applying company.


Can the information presented be taken as medical advice? No. Always consult with your physician directly before implementing any advice given at the Schaumburg Health Summit. The Schaumburg Health Summit, Muscle Activation Schaumburg, Self Made Fitness Inc. and Julie and Charlie Cates do not take responsibility for the outcomes of any advice you implement from the Schaumburg Health Summit. 

Is there a lower price to admission if I don't want any of the food? The price of admission includes heavy snacks being provided. Because the cost of food is dependent on the nubmer of attendees, we have to pay for the food whether you plan on eating or not. As such, we are not able to discount the ticket price if you don't plan on eating.

Is there an early-bird ticket price? Yes! If you purchase your ticket prior to November 25, 2019, you can get your ticket for $25 plus Eventbrite fees. From November 25, 2019 through April 4, 2020 (or until the seats are sold out), tickets will be $40 plus Eventbrite fees.

What if I end up not being able to attend after I purchase my ticket? All ticket sales are final for the Schaumburg Health Summit. You are welcome to find somebody to attend in your place, but we will not be able to issue refunds on any ticket sales.

Questions? Contact Us!

Phone: 224.653.8586

Email: info@matschaumburg.com