Dave LoSavio

Champion of Culture

Dave LoSavio grew up middle to upper class in the Northwest Suburbs of IL. Most of his life was lived by default, and "it is what it is"; he wasn't winning, but at least he wasn't losing.

He distracted himself with work, women, alcohol, drugs, tv, etc. Thanksgiving Weekend 2014, Dave decided to quit drinking for one month - he was tired of hangovers and frustrated with his life and lack of fulfillment. That began his path of Self Mastery - reading, surrounding himself with peers and mentors living epic lives, shifting his focus to giving and adding value to people's lives, starting a Mastermind Group 3 years ago, and continually educating himself, realizing the journey never ends.

Dave is grateful to live a life that's authentic, with integrity, while enjoying every small step of the way. He is grateful to live this life of abundance and to share his story with others.